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will have the affordable care act and a marketplace option and you may qualify for tax credits. but the plans are going to change and we're all going to feel it. >> jill, thanks very much. >> great to be with you. >> jeff: more than 60 years ago an allied aircraft dropped a 4,000 pound bomb over the rur-- reg over-- rego of ger machine. they just found if unexploded. police evacked-- evacuated people. world war 2 bombs are still found but they're rarely this big. >> coming up an inside look at oprah winfrey's california auction. >> tomorrow would have been walter cronkite's 97th birth day. on monday the late long time cbs news anchor will be hon ared in his hometown of st. joseph's missouri. the memorial hall and missouri western state university features displays on his life and career. >> a unique yard sale in santa barbara,ical call, this weekend. up for bid more than 300 lots of turn shallings, artwork and memorabilia from the homes of oprah winfrey. winfrey launched the auction helping sell several lots herself. >> 41 going once, going twice. sold for $4100! that is amazin
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1